September 19


A Life of Purpose

Today, as I sit in my chair, staring at my cursor flashing methodically on a perfectly created blank white word document, I am forced to take an inward glance at myself and ask, "what am I here on earth to do? What is my purpose?"

This deep question seems to be an ever-growing question that plagues us almost daily. Are we here just to live life passively? Checking off our to do lists, staying as busy as possible in order to fill our passing days? Is this true purpose?

How often do we seek outside sources in order to placate our feeling of want and need? Is this true purpose? What a scary question…one I feel that majority of us really try not to think about, as we push it under the rug. We busy ourselves so much with “life” that we don’t get down to the core of why are we here? Are we truly making a difference and using our talents and skills that the Lord gave us in order to contribute to society?

I am amazed at how many self-help books and guides are out there that claim to help us find our “life’s purpose”, but how many of us utilize these books, and put actions behind what we learn? Are these books just selfish attempts at our easy fix solutions to find a purpose in life?

We all have a burning desire to feel needed, wanted and liked. Too often I think we fill these needs, wants and desires with empty tasks that are irrelevant to who we really are and what we can offer based on our strengths, talents and abilities. The positive traits that make us unique individuals.

Ignite that fire within and live with a strong, deep goal-driven purpose, not a superficial one that just fills time.

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I will be honest, and a bit vulnerable here, but I find myself creating undue stress over this simple, yet complicated question, of the purpose that I have on this planet. Why am I here? Am I truly making a difference in the life of others? Am I showing a positive example to people that I interact with on a daily basis? Am I enough in my relationships, in my friendships and in my marriage? 

I know that I have finally found my passion in my career as a nurse.  I have not known this since day one, but it  evolved and developed later in life. However, I would not change that blessing for the world! I know that I love to love and care for others. I know that I love to lift others up, help in times of need and care like there is no tomorrow, but is there more that I am missing?!

Today, isn’t a post on lessons learned, as I am still a work in progress daily. This question, I believe, is a life long journey. A journey that evolves as we grow in our faith, wisdom and understanding of our Creator and the strengths, as well as the weaknesses, that He has blessed us with. Life is a journey and not a destination that we tend to believe and seek out. Ultimately, it is a journey used for the Lord's purpose, and not our own.

Along my journey, I have seen joy, happiness, success, pain, disappointment and even regret, but through it all this journey has shaped me and made me who I am today. Too often we ask ourselves what our destination in life is, but we should be asking what is our direction and focus.

Ignite that fire within and live with a strong, deep goal driven purpose, not a superficial one that just fills the minutes, hours and days of the life that you have been so graciously blessed with!

Let's Love More!

Alissa Nelms

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