September 30


Be Strong. Be Courageous.

Today is your day; don’t be someone who blends in with the crowd, invisible, who goes unnoticed and unheard. It is not our goal to just wander around life aimlessly each day with no true direction. That is not how we were created or designed. 

Today is your day to be guided by strong core values no matter what may arise throughout the day. Events of the day may challenge these core values that you live your life based upon, but remain strong, relentless and refuse to compromise them.

Look above for the strength that you need today, live life for Him and not for selfish reasons. Life isn’t about us, but ultimately the Lord, let Him work through you today.

Life is not a movie that you sit back, relax and enjoy passively. Don’t just take situations as they come; take action and engage in planning how you will take on the day with meaning and purpose. Step up today, defend who you are, what you live for and believe in, don’t be afraid to go against the flow of normality or the "impossible".

Be different, be you and don’t compromise what makes you “you” and what you truly believe deep within your soul.

Today, don’t mindlessly listen to others order you around, just sitting by being silent and doing what you are told, just because you are told to do so. Actively engage; if their actions don’t align with your core values or your best interest at heart, then challenge them and appropriately stand up for yourself.

Don’t ever be afraid to speak up and challenge these actions.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and thoughts on positive change or to defend what you truly believe in. Be bold and speak up for those that cannot speak up or defend themselves. Protect others who are weaker than you or unable to speak for themselves. Be willing and available to not only fight your own life battles, but to fight for others around you, be available to be an advocate.

Make today amazing, vow to be unstoppable. Don’t just be a body who is empty inside with a blank stare or cold shoulder. Be someone who tackles the day with confidence, vigor and massive action.

Step up today, defend who you are, what you live for and believe in, don’t be afraid to go against the flow of normality or the "impossible".

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Be compassionate and love those around you because we are all fighting an uphill battle. Take the day with love, kindness and deep compassion. Be the person that causes faces light up when you walk into the room, because they know that you bring warmth, kindness and caring to all that come into contact with you.

Be an advocate and the visualization of true strength to everyone that you come into contact today.

Today begins your legacy that will last and not just another day that you hope to make it through. Live with a drive and strong purpose, based on your core values. Don’t change, remain strong and know that life is a journey filled with lots of adventures.

So, buckle up, hang on and enjoy the ride… it’s going to be a bumpy one, but YOU have the strength and courage to succeed!

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Alissa Nelms

alissa standing strong and courageous

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