September 2


I Earned My BSN!

Today, I am overjoyed at the fact that I have three degrees under my belt and I was successful at completing my BSN! It has not completely soaked in, yet, that I am actually done, but I feel a new freedom as I can now take on new adventures and tasks and enjoy some much needed "me" time!

One of the tasks - starting a blog - is something that I have wanted to do for years, so now is the time!  I am filled with excitement and fear, all at the same time.

So, as I reflect back today on my journey to further my career by obtaining my BSN, I feel amazed and in awe about just how much I have grown and developed over the past 7 months, in my profession as well as personally. I am not sure if I can completely give all of the credit to my schooling, but the structure of it has allowed me to look inside myself and decide what is important to me and what I need to do in order to push forward and be the best “Alissa” that I can be.

I don’t know if I feel a whole heck of a lot smarter, but I can definitively say that I am in a much better mental and physical place in my life then I was at the start of the program.

Many people have asked if I am moving on to pursue my MSN, and as of now, to that I say, "Heck NO!"

I have been in school for far too long and for now a break is what my life calls for. Not only for my own sanity, but for the sanity of my poor husband and family, as well. As much as I love my profession and feel so grateful and thankful for the path I have chosen in life, there comes a point where relationships and life need to take over and be the priority.

Slow down and smell the roses today, your to do lists can wait... true relationships may not.

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I will admit that even though my husband and family have been so supportive of me throughout my journey, they have also suffered the consequences of my absence and of me not living in the present moment, embracing and nurturing those relationships. I have been distant and busy, and now is the time to rekindle those relationships and make them the priority for which they deserve!

My final thought for the day:  life is way too short, and relationships are way too rare. We constantly busy ourselves with tasks, to do lists, and activities each and every day. It is time to take a moment to slow down, look around and love on people that need our love the most. There are millions of hurting people out there just wanting to be loved on. Take a moment, assess those around you and find someone that needs you and go love on them, be with them, talk with them, spend time with them.

Life isn’t about us all the time, it is about others as well - that is the way God intended it to be. Slow down and smell the roses today, your to do lists can wait... true relationships may not.

All we are given is this moment, embrace it and think of others before yourself for just a moment!

Let's Love More!

Alissa Nelms

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