November 11


Embrace the Struggle

I believe that we go through these life struggles to prepare us, help teach us and to prove to us that we are stronger than we think we are.  We have things to learn, and many times going through these struggles in life allows us to be used in multiple ways down the path we call life.  These hard times are there to prove to us and show us just how resilient and capable we are to persevere through these times and come out alive on the other side.  It forces us to not only lean on our friends and family for support, but also to rely on God, as we cannot make it through this life alone.

The struggles in this life that we face are real. They bring out the reality in our character and shows us who we really are and illuminates areas of improvement. It reveals to us what real work looks like... and that no matter how beat down we may feel in the midst of these hard times, we always have more to give as we rely upon the strength of the Lord.

When we persevere, the fire stays lit as we continue to strive towards our end goals through the adversity that life throws at us.

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As we begin to achieve our goals and accomplish things that we previously never thought possible, it really shows us the true value of achievement and the required work to follow through to the end. I think about it as holding ourselves accountable and keeping ourselves in check, preventing ourselves from becoming complacent or lazy. Our reality stays in check and offers us deep humility as we learn that we are not always superwoman. When we persevere, the fire continues to stay lit as we continue to strive towards our end goals through whatever adversity that life has to throw at us.

Never fear the struggles, embrace them and always continue to move forward. These struggles are never there to hold you back or give you a hard time. They are there to help you grow and develop into the man or woman that God designed you to be. These struggles and hard times gives us perspective and value to our small achievements along the way.

Embrace the struggles and don’t hide from them; the life you were meant to lead is not always easy.  Face your fear and look hard times straight in the eyes, and with every small step along the way, remember to lean on the strength of the Lord.

Never become lazy or complacent by hiding from these fears.  Embrace them, grow and develop into the amazing person that you were created to be!

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Alissa Nelms

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