September 8


The Joy of Being Weird

I will be the first to admit that I am not normal, and I would even go so far to say a little weird... and I am ok with that! 

I have accepted this fact and really have come to love my own little weird life. Let’s be honest, we are all a little weird when you stop and think about it. There is no denying the fact that we all do weird things and have weird thoughts and “rules” on how to live and perceive life!

Your weirdness is what defines you as a person; it makes you unique and one of a kind, so why not embrace it?! Own it and be proud of it, there is only one you and you are special - weirdness and all.

The problem comes in when we label individuals as being weird or different, and that her differences are "worse" than my differences.  People look down upon "weird" people as if something is wrong with them.  

Well, maybe there is something wrong with the person that defined them as being weird… Hmmmmm!  

Other's opinions of you are pointless; they are just opinions, and if they don’t like your weirdness then they don’t deserve your time, end of story. You can still be kind to them, but move on. 

Your weirdness is what defines you as a person; it makes you unique and one of a kind, so why not embrace it?!

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Weirdness to me is nothing more than the definition of someone being different - perceiving ideas, thoughts and the world differently. Isn’t this what we want as a society?  Do we all truly want everyone to be the same?

The most successful people in life have been looked upon as weird at some point in their lives. They possessed the quality, trait and vision that was looked down upon as being different, out of the norm, and therefore... weird! The difference between those who succeed on this topic is their ability to turn that weirdness into a strength and not a weakness.

It is time for us to own our weirdness and be proud of it!  It is what makes us individuals, and it is what makes us successful in different areas of our life, so own it!  Stop being defined by what others think of you... be you and love you, you are unique and special and don’t need to work so hard to be what society defines as “normal”. 

Besides, normal is boring!

The moral of my post: be weird, don’t hide what makes you different and unique from others just so that you can “fit in” and be “normal”. Normal is no fun. You were designed to stand out and be different, so take hold of the reigns of weirdness and just be YOU!

Truth… I am super weird and a tad bit different, but that is something I am very proud of!

Let's Love More!

Alissa Nelms

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