September 3


Lessons from Books – The Miracle Morning

Books!  I absolutely love book and am always learning and trying to improve my mental sharpness! 

People always make fun of me on how I always have my nose in a book, but deep down I am just a big nerd and am always up for a great book.  I can’t say that I have always been a book worm, but as I have gotten older, I have embraced the art of reading and learning with a vengeance.

I am no speed reader, by any stretch of the imagination, but I get through at a slow and steady pace. Today, I am finishing up a self-development book that I have really found fascinating, with some pretty sound suggestions to not only meet your life goals, but to improve your outlook on life. I already implement much of the concepts that are laid out in the book, but have really learned and expanded my eagerness to grow and improve upon my daily morning routine from reading it.

The book is titled “The Miracle Morning”*, by Hal Elrod. His background story is nothing short of inspirational and motivational. It really makes me stop and look inward at my life, my goals and aspirations. Rethinking and asking myself, "am I doing enough, am I really who I want to be or can I be and do more?"

It is based on the premise that what we do before starting our day, largely impacts how our day will unfold and how productive we are within a given day. I feel that way too often we underperform and underachieve in life… even though we have so much more to give and offer. We just need to recognize our true God given potential and find ways to tap into it.

I believe that we all have a weak point in our life that could use some work.  Whether that exists in relationships, in work productivity, mental improvement, physical exercise or health, we all have a calling to be the best individual that we can be for our friends, family, and most importantly for the man upstairs!

What we do before starting our day, largely impacts how our day will unfold and how productive we are within a given day. #LessonsFromBooks

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All too often, we become complacent and for lack of a better word, “lazy” in life and to be honest, we were not designed for that. We need to slow down with the “business” of life, put our cell phones down, and really look around us and in us and work on the things that truly matter. We are all a little dented in one way or another, but we can change these negative flaws or dents into a positive on a daily basis.

Take time to be silent, listen to your own thoughts, feel your breath, and look at the world around you. Our world is full of stimulation that distract us,so take time to be still and silent and find out just how freeing this small task can be!

If we can seriously get our minds straight, positive and heading in the right direction, I think that everything else will fall into place. Take time today to pause, be silent and just be in the moment of the here and now.

This moment is all that we are granted and guaranteed.

Right now, write down one thing you are grateful for, one positive outcome from the day and one person to contact (ask them how they are doing, if they need anything and just LISTEN to their answer). I am pretty sure that these three things will turn your frown upside down, today and that you will be amazed at the feeling that you get!

Start your morning off right, no more hitting the snooze button, get up, get moving and make today count! Don’t waste today, by just going through the motions - take action, be proactive and use today to not only work on YOU, but also embrace others and their needs!

Let's Love More!

Alissa Nelms

* I might actually make something like $0.25 if you buy that book through my Amazon link!  HA!  (Even though it doesn't cost you more, it's a silly law that I have to tell you that.)  <insert imaginary eye roll emoji here>

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