September 6


Love and Legacy

So, I am going to get a little mushy on you today. But, I have really been thinking and doing a lot of self-reflection this past week, and I came across the question that I feel that we all too often sweep under the rug or side step. The question of who do we want to REALLY be, how do we want people to remember us as?  

What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind?

What are the qualities that you want to possess in your day to day life? Every day, whether we know it or not, by us doing “us” we leave a lasting impression on others and how others think about us and perceive us. This impression has drastic repercussions upon the receiver, both internally and externally, that could change them for the good or the bad. Just sitting here thinking about that is heavy.

Just think, our day to day actions could have so much impact and effects on others... which is a large responsibility that we have as humans! I know for me, this really makes me want to step up to the plate and look at it as a challenge and a positive to really mindfully live out each moment in a positive way! I may be small, but I can create a huge impact, for the better, to those around me ? How cool is that?!!

I may be small, but I can create a huge impact, for the better, to those around me!

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Our legacy, is ultimately our life character, it is our opportunity to embrace a challenge that is more powerful than any accomplishment or single act that we achieve, it is the way that you lived your life with a sound, or not so sound, character. This legacy is noticed in the time that is spent in hard work, when the individual is not in the spotlight; it is in the most difficult times, where blood, sweat and even tears are produced. It is in this time that true character is challenged and comes shining through. 

What is your character? How do others perceive you? 
How do you conduct yourself when things aren’t all peaches and roses?

Take a second to really think about those questions, reflect and if needed decide to make a change! It is freeing and motivational for me to think about the thought that even when things are not going well or going my way, that I can still improve someone else and impact others all in the way that I handle myself; that is true character, and it makes me light up inside, even as I write this!

The legacy that you choose to carry with you through this life is a decision that must be acted on and watered daily. It won’t be easy, but you can start and re-start as often as you need to, there are no rules, no pressure. Strive every day to be a better YOU then you were the day before and be relentless in your pursuit!

Let’s hold each other accountable as we strive to leave a lasting legacy that truly impacts those around us, whether it be our family, our friends or our co-workers, we can truly improve our environment for the better, each and every day by the character and decisions on how we hold our self every day! Now that is pretty awesome and if that doesn’t get your juices flowing, not sure what will

Let's Love More!

Alissa Nelms

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