October 26


Make That Change Your Reality!

Do I hear you correctly?

You say you want to change, that you are not where you want to be in life or in the situation that you want to be in. This may sound simple, but perhaps you aren’t looking around hard enough. Change and opportunity are everywhere, but you must reach down deep, find your gusto and motivation and take that leap of faith to make that change that you know you must make! 

Stop putting it off or procrastinating. Life isn’t stopping for things to become easier for you or for the right situation or environment to be brought and thrown in your lap, like each year's Christmas presents.

If you are miserable every second, every minute, every hour of every day, or you just can’t stand the norm of life or the status quo any longer, then it is time to move forward and remove yourself from your environment that you no longer want to be in.

If you are just waiting around for the right time, the right place, the right situation or to feel worthy enough for the change, let me tell you that you will be waiting your entire life away, all the way to the bitter end. You may never feel good enough or worthy enough to make that change that you need in your life, but let me tell you that, through the mercy of our good Lord, you are enough, and you are blessed to deserve more and be more in this life.

Stand up tall, put your big girl panties on, cry it out if you need to, and then be brave... step it up!

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He promises fresh starts with each day that we are blessed to be on this earth. So wake up and utilize this amazing promise, because you are one blessed individual, no matter what the voice in your head may be telling you.

Stand up tall, put your big girl panties on, cry it out if you need to, and then be brave, step it up. Be that individual that steps out of the unwanted circumstances in life and makes the positive change, the change that allows you to be all that you were meant and created to be!

Don’t surrender to your surroundings or circumstances.  Life is hard, I do not deny that, but make the most of these hard times, own them and don’t let them own you. Allow them to mold you and strengthen you into something beautiful and wonderful, instead of continually allowing them to tear you down day after day.

Don’t settle for that horrible saying that states “well, that is just the way it has always been”. Well... NO, ma’am not today!

Dig deep and find that motivation and look around you, find the better road and commit to walking that road no matter how hard or difficult it may become. Know that the outcome is far greater than the dead-end road that you are currently on.

Today, seek out your purpose, find your passion, your drive, because we all have one! If you mess up or make a mistake along the way, that is ok... get back on the course and keep driving forward for the reward is greater in the end, I promise!

Let's Love More!

Alissa Nelms

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