February 16


The Beginning of My Travel Journey

After many years of contemplating starting a blog, I now have direction. I have opened up a new chapter of my life and I want a place to share my fears, excitement and adventures as I start this new journey!  

My intent is for this to be a safe place to openly be unfiltered, transparent and inspirational through my thoughts, lessons learned as well as share my adventures of the many sites and experiences that I choose to experience along the way.

Bear with me as this might be a bumpy ride while I learn, grow and develop into the writer, nurse and person that I intend to grow into!Β  I am open and hopeful to learning new things and becoming a better version of myself, in order to touch others in ways that I may not ever know.Β Β 

It is my passion to lift those around me up, to love on others and create an environment of encouragement, so that those around me feel needed, wanted, loved and motivated to ultimately better versions of themselves!  It is what lights my heart on fire… what I was made for πŸ™‚

So without further ado, let me introduce myself.  I am an operating room nurse who has decided to try out this thing that they call travel nursing.  My first assignment will be in Washington state, and I could not be more excited.  

Getting to this place has not been easy, as there have been many bumps and bruises along the way, but here I am, set up and ready to get this new adventure started.  I am also a wife, daughter, mother (to a bird ;)) and amazing friend. I tend to be extremely introverted, but have a knack for growth, development and adventure. I love to read, travel, climb, camp, hike, and a sucker for a great movie!

In some ways I feel that I am jumping into the abyss of this traveling world, but in some ways I feel excited with anticipation of what this world has to offer me and has in store for me.  Before I began my journey, I reached out to a multitude of traveling healthcare professionals and inundated them with question after question. They were probably just ready for me to jump all in and leave them alone, but through this process I was able to develop the strength that I needed to jump in and take a leap of true faith.  

Let me just say that I was not unhappy with my job back at home.  I actually LOVED it, loved the people and like I tell everyone could honestly work for free there if it weren’t for these things called bills and being an adult.  

As I made the final plan to move forward, I nervously interviewed, was offered the job and then had the most difficult thing that I could imagine before me.  I had to tell my then current boss that I would be leaving to go on this new adventure of traveling. While this made me so excited and happy, it was truly difficult as I sat in her office sharing my dreams and how I had always wanted to travel, grow and develop as both a nurse and an individual. 

I literally set there bawling as I shared with her my decision.  She was ultimately disappointed, yet she was extremely supportive of my decision and wished me the best of luck, with an open invitation to always come back.  As I walked away from my place of employment for the past four years, I allowed myself to be upset, feel lost, and ultimately scared to death about whether I was truly making the right decision.  

The next day, though, as I discussed this all with a close friend, as well as my husband, I was able to see the positives of my decision and finally begin to look forward to the future and what it had in store for me.  

I had to remind myself that life is a journey… and you are either stagnant in it, or you can decide to grow, develop and experience it to the fullest.  The world is one big place with many things to see, many people to reach and touch and a slew of opportunities to be had. It is with this mind frame that I was able to move forward and begin the excitement of the process!!

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