March 20


Random Thoughts

I’m staring out my window in the middle of this evergreen state of Washington and ponder to myself the deep meaning of life.  We are surrounded by so much beauty in nature as well as in people, but we are just too busy bustling around to really stop and take in this beauty.  

Why are we so busy? What are we trying to accomplish, really?!  

Do we even know, or is this just how “life” is supposed to be?  I feel a calling that is greater than myself; however, how do I see it and reach it in the midst of all the noise?  

The business of life and things overwhelms our abilities to find the simple things in life.  

We find ourselves too busy chasing after things and stuff to really sit back and take in the things that we were created for.  To find our purpose, to build true relationships, to care for one another in love and fellowship. Were we not created out of love to show love? 

I was made to care, love and nurture those around me, but why do I find myself now locked inside myself, listening to the crowded voices in my head telling me that I am not good enough, I am not “cool” enough, I am not enough...what does that statement even mean?  

Enough for what I ask?  Enough for me, others or God?  What is “enough”?  

I feel scared and insecure so many hours out of my days, but for what?  We are all scared and insecure, we are all not “enough’ in our own eyes, so why do we think that something is wrong with us?  Why do we hide behind these facades that we tell ourselves?  

Are we all broken to an extreme?  Are we all seeking and calling out for help?  If this is true then why do we not love each other more?  Love each other with unconditional love, and unconditional heart?  Why do we so often judge one another?  

Why do we place boundaries and rules on those around us, those that care about us, those that we call family and friends?  Why do we hurt those we love most? As a society we are so judgmental and social media has not helped us in this epidemic.  

When are we all going to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to the fact that we are all hurting, we are all trying to be the best versions of ourselves, we are all a work in progress!!  

When are we going to start building one another up in love, support, and encouragement?  When are we going to help people feel safe when they are around us, not fearing that we will judge or belittle?  Just accept one another with open arms, hearts, and love...  

Life is way too short for not taking in the joys of this life, taking in the beauty and embracing one another in love.  We need to stop trying to put others down and feeling a sense of accomplishment when others fail, as to one-up the Jones’.  

We need to instead realize that life is hard, it is not, nor will ever get easier, but we were blessed with each other and each of us is filled with a gift of love that is just brimming to be given away to those around us.  The best part is that it is free to give, it does not cost anything. We were made to be simple, so stop making everything so complicated.  

Get out of your own dang head and start giving your gifts of life to those around you, you will never be disappointed or regret doing so.  We were made for more than this life, we were made to not be so gosh darn busy with our own lives that we miss the beauty of creation and the people around us.  


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