October 1


Strength and Beauty

Strength and beauty... I love to be active, love to workout and create strength and athleticism within myself. Workout for me isn’t completely about aesthetics, but about feeling strong and living healthy in my day to day life. I have many reasons for this, which will have to be a story for another day. 

Strength is beautiful!  It is what allows us to live a life full of energy and vigor. It is what keeps us healthy, able to experience life, adventures, as well as function daily. I believe that strength and beauty is defined as finding things that you never thought possible or that you never imagined doing, tackling it, working at it, overcoming it and succeeding! I feel that this definition allows not just athletes, but your every day mom or woman to learn mental and physical strength as they accomplish goals that they only once dreamed of achieving.

Strength:  finding things you never thought possible or imagined doing... tackling it, overcoming it and succeeding!

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Strength to me is not about size 0, a number on a scale, or the perfect measurements, but it is about the sweat, effort, determination and desire that are poured into each day... that is beautiful! It is about being healthy and being proud of my accomplishments, it is about mental strength and knowing that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. Strength is not shying away from muscle, but embracing it and being proud of what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Beauty to me is dedication, excitement, passion, love and strength. It is believing in yourself enough to find out what you are truly capable of doing. It is seeing that hard work does pay off and in turn you feel strong both internally and externally, that is beautiful. Beauty is not found in models or superstars, but in normal, everyday woman that genuinely care about their bodies and are working hard to stay healthy, no matter what life is throwing at them. They are the woman that are working hard to meet their goals and to become stronger.

We are given this body as a gift, one that is precious and beautifully made! We must embrace this honored gift as we are constantly working on taking care of it each and every day. 

Beauty:  normal, everyday woman who genuinely care about their bodies and work hard to stay healthy, no matter what life throws at them.

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I encourage you to set a goal for yourself, dream big, and aim high. Choose something that you have always wanted to accomplish physically, whether that be just running, joining a gym, running a marathon, learning how to lift weights or doing your first pull-up or muscle up. Stop the negative talk, start thinking positive, taking one day at a time, moving forward and achieving those goals.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can and will achieve whatever you decide to put your mind to, you just have to decide and start

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Alissa Nelms

Alissa on wall in Peru

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