April 28


The Time is NOW

Time is not infinite, the time is now. The only thing we are promised is this moment, this second, this small sliver of time. Since this is true, why do we often view time as something in the future? No one is an exception as we are all not guaranteed our next second of time.

Time is one of the most precious commodities that we have, yet we live as though it is freely given to us. We can not get it back, nor can we purchase more of it, we have what we are given and that is it.

We all know this, yet we squander it like a resource that is ever ending. Time is fleeting and do we really recognize how fragile and indefinite it truly is. We need to say what we need to say now, we need to do what we have continually been putting off, now. We need to go visit that friend or family member that we have been meaning to see now, as we do not know if the opportunity of now will ever come in the future.

It is amazing to have dreams and goals that are future-based. It is ignorant of us not to plan for the future, but only with the realization that the only guarantee is the here and now.

As you have always been told, do not let the sunset go down on your anger. Please, if there are any unresolved feelings or words between you and another person, don’t wait until tomorrow, because what if tomorrow never comes for either one of you? Talk it out right now, right where you are. To-do lists can wait, life can wait, but that relationship can not wait.

Why postpone what can be achieved today for tomorrow? When we have time to take action and do it today? Time does not wait for you, time does not wait for me, it is relentless.

The sooner that we can recognize this and apply it, the sooner we will stop wasting our days on obscure things and focus on things that truly matter, the things that we were supposed to live out the things that we are supposed to accomplish, experience and do!

We are never promised tomorrow, so do not put off the things that you must deal with today for tomorrow. I am called to take action today, I will commit to grow, develop and change today and not wait for the obscure tomorrows in my uncertain future.


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