September 4


Warrior Princess – My Ideal Self

The other day, as a morning motivational exercise, I sat down and really looked inside and did some serious reflection and soul searching on who I am currently and who I want to be. I thought about legacy and how I want others to view me and think of me as a genuine person.

After struggling many hours to construct the ideal self, I wanted to share my results with you. I titled mine Warrior Princess, because it projects strength and tenderness for me. It lights a fire in me to become that icon and live my life fiercely, yet with compassion and love.

My Warrior Princess Ideal Self

My Warrior Princess ideal self is beautiful, strong, and athletic. I am healthy, energetic and one smoking hot 38-year-old. I have well developed glutes and six pack abs!

I project energy and confidence in all my interactions with people. I find it extremely easy to create relationships and relate to individuals. I am a great listener and am able to change lives each and every day.

My Warrior Princess ideal self is the model of a great Proverbs 31 woman. I am loving, tender and supportive of my husband. I feel confident and worthy around my husband. I grow closer to the Lord and my husband each day.

I lead a life where others can see the love of God radiating from my being; I am truly a beacon of love, confidence and integrity. I surround myself each day with friends and family who love me, support me and encourage me to be a better version of myself than I was the previous day!

I surround myself each day with friends and family who love, support, and encourage me to be a better version of myself!

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My Warrior Princess ideal self is always learning in order to enrich herself as well as others. I have designed an empowering process that has ultimately changed millions of woman’s lives and mindsets. I am able to portray beauty, courage and confidence to so many woman that I am amazed each and every day at how the Lord has blossomed my life into something truly wonderful. 

I am speechless at His blessed work in and through me.

My Warrior Princess self is a confident, sought after speaker and mentor to thousands. I radiate confidence and energy to all I speak to. Through the Lord I am able to empower woman to know that they are truly beautiful and there is no need to live a life of fear! I am in the breaking free business!

My Warrior Princess ideal self is a fantastic nurse. I am caring and gentle. I am able to relate to my patients and really get in on their level. I am good at creating lasting change and relationships with my patients and their families. I am appreciated, loved and knowledgeable in my nursing practice. I am sympathetic, energetic and enthusiastic about my job as a nurse and I look forward to each and every day because I am in the life changing business.

This is me being completely transparent and open to you. I would challenge you, today, to sit down and really look deep inside and try to come up with your own ideal self. I am telling you that it is really life altering and makes you look at life in a whole new perspective.

Take action now, get moving and enrich your mental outlook on life today. Start living the life that you were made to be!

Let's Love More!

Alissa Nelms

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