March 16


You Can’t Please Everyone

Just like not everyone loves a good cup of tea and biscuit, you are not for everyone. Not everyone is going to like you or be into you and that is sometimes a very hard pill to swallow. We have to accept that we just were not born to please everyone.

The sooner we can accept this reality the better off we will be in our day to day interactions with people. Just like everyone’s taste buds are different so are everyone’s preference for the people they like. You may be the nicest guy in the world or the most stunning woman around, but no matter what, someone somewhere is not going to like you.

Those around you can and will find something they don’t like about you or something that is “wrong” with you and there is absolutely nothing that we can do to alter this acceptance.

We were born to be ourselves, unique and special. If we offend, upset or have others dislike us, that is ok. It is our job to live out our purpose in this life and being real and genuine is part of that... and not everyone will agree or like this about us. 

Alissa and JT Frame

We shouldn’t mold ourselves or change our personalities just so others will like us or accept us, no ma’am, we are wonderful the way we are! Pretending to be otherwise will take us straight to a dead-end road.

We all are blessed with a personality and for this reason, we are all different and unique and no amount of change or fakeness will change this black and white truth. I have tried and continue to fall into a rut of trying to put other people’s happiness before my own; honestly, it is a daily battle. Time and time again, I fail, feeling defeated and upset for days afterward.

I love to please people and ultimately see them happy and successful - to a dire fault. It is something that is a great trait to have only if channeled and used in the right situations.

Trying to kiss up to people will always produce a negative outcome, no matter what popular belief might be. This way of thinking will ultimately lead to disaster and will leave you with wounded self-esteem in the end. 

Loaning out your self-esteem to others is never the right answer; trust me, I have and continue to learn this the hard way. Giving your self-esteem to others will only leave you down in the dumps and degraded in the end, only to attempt to make others happy. The reality is that the attempt will never be successful and will end up in only negative failure. 

Who wants or needs that in today’s society?! Not me. 

I have found it is always better to upset someone by being yourself than to open the door that leads you to low self-worth that happens to hang on with a tight grip for days and weeks afterward.

Keep in mind that we are all flawed and are not perfect and the solid truths are that we can’t please everyone, we can NEVER do EVERYTHING “right” and we can not EVER make everyone happy! 

This is my daily struggle, and it is never a good struggle to have. I am flawed in this way, yet it is also what makes me ME and something that if channeled in the right direction can even make me GREAT! 

I am not everyone's cup of tea, and I have to acknowledge this and be ok with it.

Alissa and Musical Eggs

So, should I be myself no matter what? Absolutely! There are over 7+ billion people inhabiting this earth, and I am just one woman that just can't please them all. I just need to accept this solid truth and get over it, be myself... and those who like me for me, will! 

And those that don’t, won’t - and that is amazing! Life and relationships are never fair, but that is one of the many things that makes life interesting. 


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