Alissa Nelms

Inspire. Encourage. Love.

About Me 

I am so excited to begin this journey with you! This is a blog about me, who I am, raw and unfiltered. I am no different than any other woman; I am not special or amazingly different, but just open and honest with everyday life and the challenges that many women face on a day to day basis. My goal is to utilize this blog as a personal diary of life, to include all that life has to offer, both the good as well as the not so good. If it helps, changes or inspires just one other woman, then I am successful with my intentions!

As I pass the big 40, I sit back retrospectively and see that life is short, and we are not guaranteed another day, another, hour, minute, or even moment. For years, I have dreamed and set goals to create a personal blog, and now is the time; I have committed myself to live my life in the present and this moment.

In my life I have been blessed to have seen and experienced so much at such a young age. I have been on top of mountains as well as down in the trenches, I have traveled the world, I have met some pretty amazing people and have seen some spectacular things.  All in all, though, I am just like you, and I hope to portray that by living my life through this open book diary of me!

The real me? I am a registered nurse, a wife to a pretty amazing man, and have a driving passion of loving and helping others! I am very insecure at times and often self-conscious. I have struggled with body image and have been in amazing physical shape and have also been a high health risk with my body weight. I love challenging my body to see just what is possible. I have competed in figure competitions and was a competitive national level figure skater, in both singles and pairs. I know discipline and commitment, and I know how to be extremely mentally tough... which I have experienced is a blessing and a curse, at times.

I tend to be OCD with a type A personality, though my husband has done a great job of dialing this obsession down a few levels.   I love to be active and am passionate about constantly working on becoming stronger, mentally positive and healthy each and every day.  I love to watch movies, am an avid reader, and have a blast cooking new and different dishes for my husband and me.

This is the real me, as I share openly with you through my day to day thoughts, ideas, and experiences. My goal is to encourage and inspire everyone that I come in contact with, through my words and actions.

- Alissa Nelms -